The Crazy gamemode is a type of game mode ideas by the spoons.

Map Type Edit

A Square-Shaped arena. 2x Larger than the circle race map.

Gamemode Features Edit

  • No Racing
  • Lots of bosses can spawn
  • Racers will be renamed into Doritos once playing the gamemode
  • No Ambulamps and No Hearts
  • Infinite boost amount for all classes
  • Once playing the gamemode, letter J will be replaced by Poop.
  • Flashes and Pirecers will look like bacon and have twice as much in this gamemode.
  • Super Fast fire rate for busters.
  • Racers/Doritos have 10x more ram damage and health.
  • Sludgers shoot 8 Blobs at the same time, to 8 directions.
  • No Reoil for busters
  • Pranksters spawn 16 Spikes at the same time around it.
  • Bullies have very high bounce power and their speed 10x faster.
  • Bullies in this gamemode also do 4x more damage than Bullies in other gamemodes.
  • Deprived has more Defense and Ram Damage.
  • The name 'Guest' will change to 'Coke', if you dont type in a name. (Example: Guest 47 = Coke 47)
  • No Leaderboard
  • Walls now Instant-Kill you on contact, even as a fully upgraded Hazard.
  • Corners shoot Poop at nearby players, wich can kill an un-upgraded buster in one hit.
  • If spawning or respawning, there is a 24% chance to have your name upside down.
  • Busters shoot Poop.
  • Naming yourself 'Dinnerbone' in the gamemode turns your name upside down.
  • In this gamemode, you have infinite space for your name.You do not have to short your name.

Trivia Edit

  • As it's name says, the gamemode is very crazy.
  • In this gamemode, Ambulamps and Hearts are not playable, the gamemode has no leaderboard and you do NOT race in this gamemode. (Already says in the features.)

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