Ocaveraryna is a boss. It appears as a large Pink Buster with 4 normal busters attached to it (2 of them are on the back corners of it, the other 2 on the sides).

HP: 34000

Collision Damage: Extreme

Regen: Low

Move Speed: Slightly Slower than Buster.


  • Shoots a large Purple Bullet that does 20% more damage damage of a Buster with maxed Cannon Damage. Shoots once every second. The Purple Bullet goes through walls and Vehicles, for constant damage. Has no recoil. The Purple Bullet is half the speed of a normal buster's bullet
  • The Smaller Busters shoot bullets which do equal the damage of a buster with 2 points of cannon damage. These ones shoot 4x per second. No Recoil. Bullets shot by it's busters will be slightly slower.
  • Can Multi-Target, it will move towards whatever the main buster targets, the other Busters attached to it can target different targets however.

Strong Against: Meelee Classes.

Weak Against: Ranged Classes, also Ambulamps and Hearts.

Strategy: Edit

It is very easy to outrun, as it is even slower than a buster. Team up with maxed Busters (Busters with all Stats Maxed), more than 5 would do, and keep shooting it. If it's chasing you, go backwards while shooting it.

Healing Classes actually damage it, so a few ambulamps will do extreme damage.

Trivia: Edit

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