Idea by the Forks and the Spoons. Do not delete this page.

The Speaker boss is a boss vehicle.

Design Edit

It is a black square with a gray half circle.

Stats Edit

Health: 6800.

Damage: 10.

Speed: Fast.


  • Deals double damage to spawn protected players.
  • Shoots a shockwave (green Half-Circle), that does lots of damage and knocks back players, this lasts for 4 seconds, but is very fast.

Strategies Edit

Escape it, if you are spawn protected. It could instant-kill you.

Use a ranged class, like the buster, but use maxed reload speed first.

It can go through walls, so it is no worth, making it crash against a wall.

It can shoot shockwaves, try to dodge/avoid them.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on the BFDI(A) Announcer.
  • It is the second-strongest boss. (The current strongest being COKE 84)
  • It has no image yet.

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