Idea by the spoons. Do not delete this page.

The Spoon is a boss vehicle by a Spoon. It is AI-controlled.

Design Edit

It looks like a spoon, wich is 2.4x larger than a maxed body size Hazard.

Stats Edit

Health: 6842

Damage: 10

Movement speed: Fast

Regeneration: Very slow

Strategies Edit

Strong against: Meele Vehicles

Weak against: Ranged Vehicles, COKE 84

The Spoon will automaticly attack the closest player, but will not continue attacking the player, once another one is closer. Tracking it against a wall makes it go through the wall and take no damage. Using a Buster and driving backwards is the good strategy, as you can keep shooting at it.

Only use a hazard to kill it, once it is extremely low on health.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on a Spoon. (Easy to know, if you know, what a spoon is.)
  • It can also go through walls, similar to the secret class, but the Spoon can stay forever in a wall.
  • It's health bar in 2.4x larger than from any other class

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